Thursday, November 19, 2009


Crazy busy days.

My brother is visiting from Austin. We went to a childhood friend's wedding on Saturday night at the LA Cathedral. Like many good weddings, it ended with the centerpieces coming apart on the floor. I didn't drink much at all at the wedding, but it was a late night and a very very early morning.

Patchwork was Sunday in Santa Ana. And exhausting. Liz and I made some money...see?

Monday my brother and I spent some time running around town, and I started getting ready for this weekend.

Tuesday I taught. And critiqued.

Wednesday I made a turkey. My brother and I went to our Grandma and Aunt's for an early Thanksgiving. I cooked a really good dinner all by my little bony self, and it was thoroughly exhausting. I slept really well last night, but this morning came early again.

Today is teaching and more prep work for this weekend. What's this weekend?

I'm teaching another two-day bookbinding workshop at Surface Gallery in Bakersfield. Not ready, but looking forward to it.

I'm also getting work ready to take to Henry Road and a group show at Happy.

There are other things I am doing and thinking about and photographing. And the weather is getting pretty. And I'm looking forward to california wintertime.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Have I mentioned Patchwork? In Santa Ana? This Sunday?

You should check it out! Tell your friends to check it out! Support independent artists and designers!

My friend Liz Sherwyn and I will be sharing a booth. It'll be the fancy looking one.

I have lots to do.....and the slightest hint of a cold.

Monday, November 9, 2009

by hook or by crook....

My mom sent me an email. It said, "new blog, please!"

I have a lot to tell, really. Several posts worth. Tonight: Penland.

I made the most of the "opportunity" my required furlough days provided by running away to North Carolina. I was able to attend the Annual-Benefit-Auction-Crew-Chief-De-Briefing for the first time in the eight years I have volunteered for the Auction. It was a pleasant four hours with some other good leaders I know and love. I'm not sure I ever posted a link to the TONS of photos from this year's auction...

Oh, and Halloween. I made a bluebird costume. Here is some documentation from when it looked like a bluebird exploded in my livingroom:

I don't know where this sequin came from. Sequins were never part of the planning phase.

As one might guess, Halloween at an art/craft school does not disappoint.

Here's the finished bird with coordinating beer:

One evening I drove to Boone and had a lovely home-made dinner with my oldest Penland friend, Jeana Eve Klein. In 2001 we met at the school and have remained in touch through the years, as both of us have moved around the country. We've seen each other for a few short minutes the past few summers at the Benefit Auction. (But Jeana is a contributing artist rather than a lowly scullery maid...)

I spent a lot of time wandering the woods alone and writing long letters to friends. I took so many touristy pictures, I don't know which to share...

Nice, huh?

I went to Asheville with this guy on his day off. We spent hours in book stores and antique stores, and then we nearly made ourselves sick indulging in mussels and beer.

I have been watching the Prisoner obsessively since the day after my birthday. The show was first reccomended to me by my father, and then this past summer my friend Wes really got me interested. Its an amazing show, and I highly recommend it to you people, all over the place.

Wes suggested I hold off watching the final two episodes, "Once Upon a Time" and "Fallout," til my visit. Wes and I, and a group of other friends (who did not know the show) watched them one night at Penland. I'm sorry to be done with the show. I've really enjoyed Patrick McGoohan's face. And yeah, I know AMC has a new version of the show. I love you, Ian McKellen, but I'm sceptical.

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