Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's Look at Books.

Here are a couple of piles of books that are out there in the world right now... Some are in Greensboro, some are in Charlotte, some are en route to Florida.

Now I'm heading home to work on more books, to bake bread, and plant garlic and bulbs....BECAUSE THE SUN IS SHINING! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

O The Sun Shines Bright.

I just got back from Kentucky, where I was a visiting artist for a few days at my alma mater, Murray State University.

And it was so good.
I love these women.
Bonnie showing.
My mentor Bonnie Stahlecker, who I meet up with as often as possible, (Maine, Milwaukee, Wherever.) was doing a two-day workshop with my former professor's bookarts class. I was there as her "assistant," but mostly Nicole and I were chatting and being troublemakers and unfocused bookbinders at the back of the room.

I need a haircut.
I did thread a needle for Bonnie. That's assisting!

I had individual critiques with the advanced drawing students, did some figure-drawing with the intro to drawing students, caught up with my former professor Dale Leys, whom I have known since 1996......and took photos in the ol' drawing room on the 7th floor of the fine arts building...

These couches are gone, but the cushions remain.
I am comforted by how long this has been where it is.

I also manically talked about my work with two groups of unresponsive high school art students, awesome introductory printmakers, quietly intense bookarts students, and intelligent, engaged advanced printmakers. I had brought sort of an odd mix of work, and probably said some odd things about it...

There were also lunches with Bonnie, a swell dinner party at Nicole and Jim's, where I manically waved my hands around...

Do I talk with my hands a lot?
I lived in Murray for about eleven years; my family relocated there from California just before I started eighth grade (the day before, in fact!) and I stayed there through college. I have been back to Murray many times since, but this was the first time that I was visiting the art department knowing none of the current students.

I'd describe it as comforting. All different characters, but some things have not changed a bit. And I was haunted by many ghosts and memories of my college days, and the misfit trouble-makers I ran around with. We owned that place and took good care of each other.

I also spent much quality time with my best friend Jenni, her husband Matt, a poodle named Lola, and my almost-three year old god-daughter Susie....

Reading, negotiating, tickling, princess-ing, all good.
Lola is like a muppet-pony, and we are very fond of each other.
I was there three full days, and it is an eight hour drive between Spruce Pine and Murray. And I was delayed in both directions, by rain, and detours, and sun in my eyes. But no regrets, and I find myself actually wondering if I could pack up some etching plates and sneak back for a few days in December after the gallery closes. We'll see.

Thank you for reading!

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