Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm in the World!

One weekend in New York, in a few pictures:

I saw the Galaxy at this scale.
Everyone learned about Everything.
We learned about Dinosaurs, maybe...?
I saw the world at this scale.
And also at this scale.
And I saw ALL of New THIS scale.
Here is a tiny Natural History Museum in tiny Central Park.
Tiny Michelle is inside, and her tiny heart is beating fast
looking at the tiny Wooly Mammoth skeletons.
Last weekend, (Friday PM through Monday PM) was my first real trip to New York. I had an outstanding guide, and did all the things one does in New York: I walked and walked and walked, I ate good food,  I rejoiced in the great quantity and variety of people (and how they're all going places and doing things and learning about Natural History too), and I rode on trains and busses, sat in perfectly placed parks and looked at much appreciated trees. Reunited with old friends and made friends with a little boy I have been excited to meet. I picked things up off the ground, like washers and paperclips. I saw bees in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Bees.

It has me thinking with even greater enthusiasm about two things that have been on my mind recently:

One is that I miss living in a place where there is such a variety of things to see and do, and options of what to eat, and sidewalks upon which to walk and walk and walk. I'm not moving to New York, but there is a world of places on the spectrum between Spruce Pine, NC and New York, NY.

Two is just something about the love of learning, and this great big, complicated, beautiful, ridiculous world I live in, and all the things I want to know more about, and learn how to do.

Life-long learning, y'all.

Thanks for reading! 'Til next time.
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