Monday, March 31, 2008

Honesty, Sincerity, Simplicity, Integrity...

..and Dots.

I had an intense time at the Southern Graphics Council conference. I'm still processing the experience, but I need to tell the world about it.

Late on Wednesday night I arrived in Richmond, Virginia. From then 'til the time I left for the airport, (4:30am Sunday, by way of the most frightening van ride ever!) I was joyfully overwhelmed by old friends, familiar faces, former professors, long-time heroes, former class-mates, even a former student. So many friends. Oh, and plenty of art.

I walked a lot, I talked more than usual, I laughed a lot, and realized I don't laugh enough in Los Angeles. I saw a lot of art. I got to show my recent work to the whole of the SGC community, but more importantly I had the chance to show my new work to people who's opinion (and approval!) is really important to me. Two of these good people: my former professor Nicole Hand from Murray State University, and Joe Lupo, my former professor from West Virginia University.

I sold some work, made a lot of good contacts, and even saw a few fellow etsy folks. I drank a lot of coffee, a few beers, and then a few more beers. Ah, printmaking....

A particular highlight was hearing Leslie Dill speak about her work. I have known and admired her work for some time, but getting more of an impression of her as a person has truly made me a fan. She was interesting, profound, poetic...and funny. And here's a piece for you to enjoy:

Lesley Dill, 2004
Breathing Leaves
ink, thread, glue on tea-stained fabric


The intensity of the experience didn't end with me crashing, exhausted, onto my Ikea sofa-bed back in LA. Oh no, that would have been too easy! When I got into LAX at 10:45 am, (after over seven hours of travel...oh, and a mere 2 hours of sleep the "night" before...) my guy picked me up and we drove out to Simi Valley. Sam was photographing an event at his former summer camp, Camp Alonim. We had an amazing day, and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to explore a place that is so important to my person-of-particular-significance.

Future-recent work will include images of stacked pink stones, pepper from pepper trees, pink eucalyptus leaves, and perhaps a watching horse. I also grabbed some twigs from a burnt tree. Southern-California-wildfire-charcoal drawings? Aren't we excited?

Anyway, I really needed SGC, and I think I also needed to see Camp Alonim. And BOY am I tired.....

Today I posted a whole bunch of new drawings in my Etsy store. I love this series of "Island" drawings. Take a look....see if you don't agree!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guys and Dolls.

First, some Dolls:

I'm really excited to be participating in my friend Abbey's "Doll Swap." Working on a set of blank Russian Nesting Dolls? Great fun! You can read about it here. While you're "there" take a good look around Abbey's fantastic blog. It never fails to delight. Really. She's one of my heroes.

And while I'm gushing about Abbey, let me suggest you take a peek at her etsy shop as Below is an image of her work.

So, there's really only one "Guy" I wanted to mention. My special-favorite fellow just found out that he's going to the Penland School of Crafts for a photo class this summer! Oh the excitement! This is almost as good as the anticipation I'd feel if I was going! Maybe better, in fact...he's never been. Hooray!

To celebrate this news, here's a picture from last summer. That's me and Cappy Counard, loving life at the Toe River. This picture was taken by my ol' pal Manda, who I haven't spoken to in far too long...

I'm making final preparations for my trip to the Southern Graphics Council conference. So, I'm signing off 'til next week. Details when I return.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ferriswheel Friday.

Yes, yes...I know it's Saturday.

Etsy seller stoopidgerl has a "thing" for ferriswheels too. And here is a lovely one:

In non ferriswheel news, its another beautiful day in California, and I am making it a productive one thus far. I am getting ready to head to the Southern Graphics Council conference next week. I'm looking forward to a change of scenery: I'll see lots of art, lots of far-away friends, drink a few drinks, and play a little Ms. Pacman.

Best SGC ever!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It looks like this.

Some of the good things I've been up to:

Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak about my work at a meeting of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society. A table full of my work looks like this:

My brother was in town this week. Our adventures included an afternoon at the best place ever, LA's Farmer's Market on Fairfax, which looks like this:

and this:

Yesterday I had an wonderful, intense day of bookbinding with Charlene Matthews at her amazing Bindery. What I made looks like this:

Nice, huh? I made a treasury on Etsy today. It looks somethin' like this:

Meanwhile, outside it looked like this:

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ferriswheel Friday.

Somewhere between West Virginia and Kentucky.
I took this photograph from the side of the road on March 2, 2007.

I've been busy. Pictures and details to follow in the next couple of days.

I am one sale away from "70" at my Etsy store.

Wonderful things in the works....

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Oh yeah!

I forgot to mention that I was recently interviewed for "Indie/Pretty/Perfect," a very cool Blog that features "independent artists from around the world, looking at their lives, inspirations and creations."

My tell-all interview can be found here, but I strongly encourage you to check out some of the other featured artists.

Thanks again to Helen of Pepperina Press for the opportunity!

Gocco, revisited.

Remember way back in December when I found my 3$ Gocco? Well, I finally started playing with it yesterday evening...and look what happened:

What fun! Most of the things in this picture are just in progress. But today I did post some of the sun-shiny poppy pieces in my Etsy store, along with other good things.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Break!


I am having a very productive break from teaching. I got to do some printing on Monday at CSUN, took care of lots of computer business yesterday, and have been having long, full days of being a working artist. I'm also planning for my big brother's visit next week. So excited!

Lots of new work in my Etsy store. Lots of ferriswheels. Also the above drawing.

This afternoon I am going to start playing with my Gocco, which has been sitting untouched for the months since I found it. FINALLY!
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