Sunday, October 19, 2008

Audible Sighs.

I made a treasury on Etsy yesterday...It's been a while. Check it out here before it goes away.

Links to the featured sellers' shops:

My pal Jess, at Libellus
Royal Buffet
White Elephant Vintage
Studio Elan
Local Library
My pal Ann, at A Beautiful Party
Every Stitch
Terra Bella Spun

I've also been listing some new work in my shop, and have made two sales this weekend...

So far.

My new friend.

Grey-blue "Hermes Baby" from the 1940s. Its a mini typewriter, measuring 11" X 11" X 2.5".

Made in Switzerland but sold from a dealer in Zurich, Germany. The Z & Y are switched, and it has umlauts and other good stuff.

Ain't she pretty? I'm so easy to please, really.

Oh, yes...this is an Ebay find.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Grey Saturday Report

(this post was written earlier in October....I guess I never "published" it!)

Oh, this has been a good weekend.

Saturday was particularly good. For starters, it was cool and grey all day, and we even had a bit of rain! (although not enough to satisfy me.) I didn't do anything too thrilling. I had eggs benedict at my favorite french restaurant....( I say that like I frequent many french restaurants) and I took a stroll. I tried to visit the observatory, but seeing as it was a lovely cool saturday afternoon, it was far too crowded up there for my taste.

I must admit that the bulk of my day was spent at home on Ebay..........which really isn't like me at all, I swear.

I bought this pretty teacup and saucer. This antique pattern ("Adams" "Maytime") is sort of the Moode-family pattern. My parents got a set of this china from my great-grandmother...(I want to say that she sold the set to my mom for $15. Mom, correct me if I'm wrong.) We ate off this china in my early childhood, til at some point we stopped using it. We got new everyday dishes, and we had lost many pieces in earthquakes.....I think my mom was also very concerned about lead in the paint.

Anyway, the dishes were put away for some time. In the early 90's, we started bringing out this china at Thanksgiving. What else happened in the 1990's? The Internet. My Dad, (from whom I inherited my obsessive collecting tendencies) hunted down and replaced a lot of the set.....and then added to it......more and more.....

Well, a family of four needs a full set of 12+ egg cups and milk cups and demitasse cups and coffee cups, right?

It really is a stunningly happy cabinet at my parent's kitchen. So I bought this cup and saucer for my own kitchen.
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