Monday, January 30, 2012

I can see for miles.

Right now I am interested in:

1. The Who Sell Out
2. Twin Peaks (no, never seen it 'til now!)
3. Microscope Research (open to suggestions. I'm in the market for a microscope.)
4. Kale

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Mope Advisory.

Just because.
This morning I warned my roommate of a "winter mope advisory." I have felt out-of-sorts today, a long sunny sunday at the end of January. I had too much sugar yesterday, and pizza two too many times this past week. I don't feel too creative right now, which makes me very down on myself.

But the day went on. We went for a walk up at Penland, which is so so so splendidly quiet this time of year. Everything there is crunchy and dry and pale, but the sky today was clear and vivid blue.

And there were snowdrops, and a few crocuses.

Snowdrop, 1.29.12

I understand that this has been a very mild winter thus far. This past week it was in the 50s during the day, which is bananas. Honestly I would rather have snow now than March. Come on, winter. Try harder.

I've been working on studio organization and getting rid of things I can't look at anymore.

Didn't I do that before I moved? Yes. But there is always more to move around and sort and let go.

Shaped etching plates...

I'm also getting ready to do some PRINTING in the next few weeks, as I will be a winter-renter in the Printmaking studio at Penland. I have some big etching plates, some little shaped etching plates, some pronto plates, and NOTHING BUT TIME.

If I can muster up some motivation, I think some good things may happen. Soon.

Didn't I go to California? Didn't I get a new camera? Oh yes. I am a bit overwhelmed by the 600+ photos I took on my first excursion with my camera. My brother and I did a lot, and had a fantastically full adventure. More about it in future blog bits. For now, just ...

My brother and the moon.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Now Year.

Last year, somewhere in rain. Old news.
I'm heading to California soon for a very quick, very full visit. I'm taking my big brother and my new camera. Our trip out west includes a road-trip, (San Jose to Los Angeles), and I have been planning the hell outta this adventure. Okay, not planning...researching.

All about our adventures (with NEW-CAMERA PHOTOS!) in a week or so!
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