Wednesday, April 29, 2009

acacia trees, books, and boxes.

This photo is years old. I am still without a digital camera, which is a bummer. The other day I bought disposable cameras for the first time in years.

I'm packing for my move, which has snuck up on me.

of course.

Also sneaking up is the end of the semester at CSUN, so I've got lots of grading to do. I am really bad about letting it pile up. Literally.

This week we're binding books in my printmaking class. It has been super fun. Well, I'm having fun, anyway. And I get the feeling that my students think I'm funny, which I find to be one of the most encouraging things possible as a professor.

Or as a friend, or whatever. I really like it when people think I'm funny.

So anyway, about the trees:

There are these scruffy yellow trees in bloom this time of year in southern california. About a year ago a good friend hypothesised (rather dismally) that the yellow trees we kept seeing all had some fungus and were dying. I am so pleased to have identified these as Acacia trees; I've been counting them on my drive to work the past week or so.

And on a sort-of related note, gum arabic, (which we printmakers use in lithography) is a secretion of the acacia tree.

So you see? Everything works out.

Wikipedia knows all about Acacia trees.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

next right now.

I put together another Etsy treasury this weekend. Check it out here before it goes away!

This has been a good weekend. I'm working on packing, and getting rid of a lot of stuff. I move in two weeks! So excited about my new place. I've needed this change.

I've finished a few little pieces this weekend, and if my scanner is cooperative, I may post some things tonight in my store.

Today was hot as blazes in LA. My solution is frozen grapes. And a lot of sparkling water.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I just love this goofy moon print by wonderthunder. I'm thinking I may need it in my new apartment.

I included it in an etsy treasury, along with a lot of other good stuff by good people. It will only be active for a few more hours, so check it out here.

Who has the michelle moode seal of approval?


One of my faithful readers, (my mom, to name names) asked me about the black and white image in my last post. It's an photo from the 1920's of my neighborhood, looking east at Los Feliz Blvd.

Have a good weekend, friends.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Happy Ones.

So, I've been on spring break from CSUN this week, which has been a pretty successfully balanced time of rest and productivity. Okay, maybe a little more rest than productivity...

I've also had lots of good news this week.

The "calculations and waiting" in my last post refer directly to my apartment-hunt. I've lived in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles for almost two years (well, come august), and I've been in my current apartment for over a year. I like where I am, and after a brief investigation into moving more drastically out of my neighborhood, I decided I'd rather stay put for now. I know these streets, I like walking to places around here, I like driving up to the observatory as needed, and I like having a familiarity with the check-out folks at my market.

But dang it, I need more space! My little studio apartment has been good to me, but in recent months I have felt more and more crazy because of the stiflingly small space. And street-parking. So I've been looking at apartments for a while now, and it really helped me clarify what I want in a place to live.

Geeze, this is wordy.

To sum up, I am moving May first into a place that I am very, very excited about. Besides having room for a couch AND a bed, it also has a petite dining room, hard-wood floors, a GARAGE, a telephone niche, and all sorts of 1930's detail that makes Michelle a bit giddy. It's the one-bedroom apartment that feels like a home, and it's the same price as one I looked at that was in a dark building with EIGHTY units. Bizarre.

Okay, so that's the big news. Let me tell you about my summer plans.

In July I'm planning on making a short trip up to Seattle, (never been there) to stay with my friend (from WVU) Myra. I'll be teaching a two-day bookbinding workshop at the Kirkland Arts Center, where Myra is the educational director.

In late July/early August, I will be at Penland (as I mentioned last post) for Arthur Hash's metals workshop. So excited to play with metal again. It's been a while!

Afterwards, I'll be hanging around P-land for a few more days to do my thing at the fancy-pants auction, and I hope I can persuade these girls to join me:

After THAT, I'll be making my way to Atlanta, Georgia (not sure I've ever been there, either...) for a residency at the Art House. I'll be making things and having a show. I'm excited.

I'm planning on posting more work for sale in my shop today. Not all of it is brand I begin organizing/packing for the move, I've been finding pieces that I've forgotten about, (most have been in shows and have been resting in frames in a closet) and I'd like to find good homes for them. I do not make art to hoard it all in boxes and closets.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

circular fragments, calculations, waiting.

After a brief hiatus, I am back in business in my shop, and will continue posting new work this week. I made two sales last night, so I'm feeling good already.

Also feeling good about being on spring break from CSUN. Not that this week will be all crazy-fun-time, (or any) because I have lots of work to do.

School work, art work, house work, work-work.

The Southern Graphics Council was a splendid time. I am currently cameraless, (or rather, my digital camera has ceased to function) so I am unable to share any of my adventures from Chicago. My pal Maranda was a sport, as we explored the city...I'd tell her, "ooh, take a picture of that!" So when I get her pictures, I'll have more to say.

I'm going to Penland this summer: it's official, and I'm excited. 5th session, Arthur Hash's Metal's class. And after that I'll be doing my thing again at the annual benefit auction.

Hurts so good!
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