Friday, May 23, 2008

June Gloom in May

I've been to the Observatory twice in the past two days. I took this picture in February, but it suits this post, and the weather outside, and my mood. And yeah, I'm listening to the soundtrack of "a Charlie Brown Christmas" in what!?

My work is on the walls at Intelligentsia, and will be up for a month or two. If you're in the neighborhood, take a peek. I'll post some pictures soon for your enjoyment.

The next few weeks I will be preparing for my show at Henry Road in Studio City. Henry Road is a great little interesting and eclectic selection of things for the home, gifts, art, and they have a fantastically wonderful book about treehouses. There will be an opening reception the day before I leave town for Maine, Thursday June 12. I'll keep you updated as developments develop.

ALSO making plans for my installation that will be a part of the "Print Matter(s)" exhibition at Studio Channel Islands Art Center Galleries. Very excited about this. There will be no picture frames involved.

In my spare time, I'll be brushing up my bookbinding skills in the coming weeks.

That's all.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Intelligentsia & Maine.

This week I am getting art ready for the walls of Intelligentsia, a coffee place at Sunset Junction, in Silver Lake. I'm really excited to be showing work there, because its always full of people. I hear the coffee's good too; its a favorite amongst coffee nerds.

The walls are a deep red, so I am finishing up some pieces that can hold their own on such an intense background. These pieces are huge by my standards. Stone Lithography on Rives BFK paper, with monoprinting and xerox transfers and drawing. I have 10 or 12 of these I've been working on lately; I started them in graduate school. I'm thinking I'll have 4 from this series for Intelligentsia, along with some other pieces.

I finally booked my flight to Maine. In June I will be assisting Bonnie Stahlecker for two weeks at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Deer Isle, Maine. I am so very excited! I took Bonnie's bookbinding class a few years ago at Frogman's in South Dakota, and it was an amazing week. I imagine Haystack will be like Penland, but with lobster. Hooray!

Here's Bonnie's class at Frogman's...I'm in the middle, in an orange shirt.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The Patchwork Show went well, but what a long long day. I talked to a lot of good people, met some Etsy folks, and made some sales. Lots of people came, and the vendors' work was consistently strong. Lots of clothes and bags and baby things. There were so many well-dressed babies at this event! Seriously, these kids had more style than I do!

Here's some recent work that didn't sell. I'm probably not going to post these for sale on Etsy, since I have some real-world shows coming up...

Speaking of Etsy, I made 8 sales in 2 days in my shop! Egads! I put some pieces on 'sale,' and they went flying off the shelves...which was exactly my plan. Thanks everyone who purchased work...I'm at a lovely 85 sales!

So someone tell me why I can't sell this? It's been viewed 1254 times, and has been "hearted" by 70 people. Come on, folks. I'm getting a little sick of looking at it! $40.00 takes it away. Put it in a frame; hang it on yer wall.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Egads! It's May!

Busy with end-of-the-semester business, grading, and getting ready for the Patchwork show on Sunday. Also finishing up my nesting dolls for Abbey's Doll Swap. I think they are supposed to be to Shoot.

Here's a sneak peek....the second smallest of the five dolls.

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