Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Greetings: Hello!

I'm visiting my parents for Christmas, and have been avoiding my computer and social media for the past week. Lovely! But I thought I'd post something on my blog today to say Merry Christmas and Merry Everything all-over-the-place.

I've been working on a quilt since I've been down here. Like, marathon sewing all day with Law and Order on in the background. My fabulous Mum is helping, by ironing and advising.

I think I have 1/3 of the quilt pieced. Back to work.

This quilt started long ago, when I happened upon a ziplock bag of cut squares in an antique store in Murray, Kentucky. The material spans decades, and there are many many individual patterned pieces. I have since accumulated material from numerous sources...some I've been hanging onto for a long time, and some has recently been acquired to finish this project. I'm having a blast, and am determined to finish it while I'm here!

That yellow piece is one of my favorites.

It is all (seemingly) random squares, approximately 2 1/2", and I'm planning on tying it rather than quilting it. My mom and I made a little quilt when I was in 4th grade as a school project; that is the extent of my quilting experience prior to this monster.

Speaking of monsters, my big grey cat came along for Christmas! We had a not-exactly-fun drive down to Texas, via Jackson, Tennessee. Like 14 hours. Alfred was in rough shape.

Alfred and I have our morning coffee on the road in Tennessee.

Poor creature. But I never anticipated how happy he'd be at my parents, and what a good house-guest he'd be. He even likes my big brother! And everyone likes Alfred! And my Dad had a good time rigging up a way for my cat to access the best perch in the house: 

Spoiled rotten by my parents. I'm not sure he'll want to leave.

 I'm having a lovely time, and plan on continuing to keep my computer off in the coming days. After New Years I'll be going to California to visit more family and friends...Alfred will be staying here.

 Hope you all are well-rested and happy, and enjoying time, and people, and snow if ya got it. Love!

More Books!

Match-y grey and yellow pocket-size books, a commission for a friend to give as gifts to her wedding party. Nice, huh?
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