Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To have everything in one place.

I'm somewhere between there...and there. I'm on my way home. But I'm also somewhere that's sort of home, but I've never lived here.

It's complicated! Complicated and boring.

Now that I am living in a better place, and I finally have room for a bed AND a couch, I have taken on the frighteningly complex task of organizing my belongings, and herding it all into one state. I've been living in California for almost two years, but I'm finally actually moving there.

The past week or so I have sold, given away, and thrown away A LOT of stuff. And it feels great.

It's been like time traveling too, and let me tell you: time traveling is exhausting. In one afternoon sorting through elementary school awards, sticky ancient barbie dolls, crazy thirteen-year-old-girl notes, high school marching band memorabilia, the remnants of an obsessive scale model of my thesis exhibition, EVERY SINGLE LIFE DRAWING I EVER MADE IN COLLEGE (so it seems...) and of course, my door knob collection.

Oh, and late nights I have been re-reading my old journals. Egads, am I ever interesting. I've kept a journal pretty steadily since about 1999. My favorite snippet I've found is from 2001, when I gave myself permission to change my mind.


Oh...and of course for someone who's getting rid of everything, I still have an awful lot of stuff. Of course there are always those weird art supplies that I may do something with someday, and those things I might try selling on ebay....and dried up flowers that had some particular significance that I've decided to forget, but can't let go of yet.


So, I'm on the road, and sorting through piles. In other words....

I'm happy.
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