Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So, what are you doing this summer?

"It could be like secret santa for book nerds." -Beth Schaible

My friend Beth, who made the book above, (which you may purchase from her Etsy Store) made a brilliant suggestion in response to my Summer of Books post.

I am certain Beth and I are not the only ones planning on binding books this summer...

Stay tuned for details!

On Saturday.

Photo by Vikki Cruz.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer of Books.

Here's the first batch of books for this summer. The top three were my demo books from Saturday.

So, while in preparation mode for last Saturday's workshop at Surface, I decided that my goal for the next few months, (one of em') is to make a book for each day of my summer. I don't intend on making one every single day, because there will be some travel (and laziness!) in the mix...but when I am in work-mode, I can finish several in a day.

And I'm not promising they'll all be pretty, 'cause I intend on teaching myself some bindings I do not know. This project will be good, satisfying practice/progress, and will help me build up an inventory of blank books in case I participate at any events like Unique LA in the Winter. that I've announced this plan to all you strangers out there who read my blog, I better get to work, huh?

Also, (speaking of books) I'm not sure I've mentioned that I am returning to Penland this summer to make books for a couple of weeks. Thank God, right?
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