Sunday, February 12, 2012


Delightful outside on this snowy Saturday in February. Inside the studio is more confusing than delightful. Experiencing highs and lows, and asking myself lots of questions. Like...

  1. Haven't I done this exact same thing before?
  2. Is this too precious? (pretty? boring? fussy? pink? brown?)
  3. What if I cut apart (whatever)?
  4. What if I connect (whatever) to (whatever else)?
  5. What if I sew on this?
  6. But, WHY am I sewing?
  7. Wouldn't this be impossible to photograph?
  8. Shouldn't this be huge?
  9. But also somehow tiny?
  10. Shouldn't I try to do something I've never ever done before? 

...which is usually followed again by question number one.

My work has always had some cyclical elements to it, so I guess it makes sense that I am running around in circles in my brain....I am reminded of the three-legged screaming thing....


Okay. Pictures.
had to do this; I think I still like it...
...maybe. temporary arrangement. pinned bits.


Penland's printmaking studio.

Penland's printmaking studio.
Thank you for taking a look.

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