Friday, April 25, 2008


Where's Michelle? What's she doing? I've been busy, and I really haven't felt like being on my computer lately.

If you're in California and feel like going to Santa Ana on Sunday May 4th, I strongly encourage you to check out the Patchwork Indie Art & Craft Show. I went to the first one back in the fall, and I am delighted to be a vendor this time around. The event is from 11-5, and it is in the parking lots behind the Road Less Traveled store. It's right off the Five freeway. The event is organized by Random Nicole. She's cool too. Everything's cool! It will be a good event...come say hi!

My students have been working on photo-polymer-plate-water-etchings, (every time I talk about this process, I call it something different...) For my demo, I exposed a couple of plates with typewriter drawings. Not sure what I'm doing with them yet, but they're nice to look at.

Girls and their typewriters....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Galaxies and Clocks.

On Sunday my fellow and I went to LA's Brewery Art Walk.The Brewery is an old Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery that is now a labyrinth of artist studios. I enjoyed looking at artists living-and-working spaces, and critiquing how they furnish their fancy-pants lofts... However, the highlight of the adventure was not the art, but these two books I bought for three dollars each. Clocks and Galaxies? I think that pretty much sums things up.

What else is new? I made two sales yesterday in my Etsy store, bringing my number of sales to a beautiful 75!

I've been working a lot. I have some ideas. I'm making plans. There are also some strange and frightening things happening with gouache back at the ol' studio corner of my studio apartment....

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ferriswheel Friday.

Today's Ferriswheel is one of mine: here's a detail of a piece listed for sale in my shop. That's a lavender ferriswheel printed on tea-bag material. Etching and lots of stitching...

I also wanted to tell the world about my dear friend Ann. We recently got to catch up at SGC, over some drinks and some collaborative drawings. She's in her first year of graduate school, and she's making some great work. Who thinks Ann should open an Etsy shop? I do! Here's a table full of her pretty sherbet-colored ghosts and waxy paper doilies:

A good, busy week. Lots of new drawings in my shop. Please take a look, and if you like the work, or like what I do, or like all means, let me know. Does that sound needy? oops...

(This is the cover from my thesis installation guest book...)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Art House Co-Op

Or "coop" as I like to read it....

I met Steven Peterman from Atlanta at the open portfolio event at SGC, and today I checked out their website. I'm very excited about the projects that this organization, um, organizes. See if you don't agree! I'm participating in their "collecting objects" project. They are sending out mini accordion file folders, which participants fill with objects... receipts, ticket stubs, lists, Polaroids, etc. Then they are having a show of all the collected bits and pieces of the universe. For someone like me, who is constantly picking things up off the ground, this is an ideal assignment!

There seems to be plenty of room for participants...check it out!

More good things in my etsy store. like this:

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