Friday, May 27, 2011

Thanks, Austin.

Had a wonderful trip to Texas. It was too short, but I got to go swimming twice, met good people, ran around town with my brother, and even got to see my ma and pa.

I ate a surprising number of delicious tacos...

...while my big brother did complicated calculations for me.....

Lots of adventuring through antique stores...

Lots of photo-taking and hand-painted-sign admiration....

And one night my brother took my parents and me to an old Texas/German Biergarten in the middle of nowhere. It was awesome!

Details and pics from the fair in my next post. Stay tuned....

Friday, May 20, 2011


I am getting ready for this weekend, exploring austin and obsessing over:

antiques, marbles, skinny satin ribbon, fentimans soda, tacos, more tacos, austin birds, brown craft paper, books, boxes, boxes-of-books, lumber, thread, ice cream, doctor who, bruxism, alaskan klee kais, toy stores, why my fingernails seem to be growing super fast, visiting my parents (and the hotel jacuzzi where they're staying) tonight, and where I'm going to get coffee tomorrow morning.

It's all good. Let's all move to Austin.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Just wrapped up a great weekend at Unique LA, and now turning my full attention to Renegade: Austin, happening in a FORTNIGHT.

I have much to tell, but for tonight, I'll just point you to this sweet little feature about me ("me! me! me!") on Renegade's blog.

Stay tuned for more absurd, impossibly complicated things.
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