Friday, May 20, 2011


I am getting ready for this weekend, exploring austin and obsessing over:

antiques, marbles, skinny satin ribbon, fentimans soda, tacos, more tacos, austin birds, brown craft paper, books, boxes, boxes-of-books, lumber, thread, ice cream, doctor who, bruxism, alaskan klee kais, toy stores, why my fingernails seem to be growing super fast, visiting my parents (and the hotel jacuzzi where they're staying) tonight, and where I'm going to get coffee tomorrow morning.

It's all good. Let's all move to Austin.


B said...

I will move to Austin if you do. We'll just have to convince Brad and baby Mo.

Lunch Box said...

Woo!! Have fun and make lots of moola at Renegade!!

Laurel said...

Hi Michelle. I really loved your booth. I blogged about the fair and included a note about your work. Thought you might like to see that you made at least {one} person happy at the fair!


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