Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've been here about two and a half months. It feels like much longer. But no, I'm still not "settled" or organized. Besides adjusting to the "cross-country-move/new job/roommate/roommate's cat" situation, I am also working on adjusting to glasses:

Henry is not impressed.

I've never worn glasses, besides a weak pair of reading glasses when working on metalsmithing or bookbinding. My left eye is weak, and has been for a while...astigmatism, which I can barely explain. It has been bugging me for a couple of years, (eye-strain, headaches, frowning.) I believe the right lens of my new glasses is crystal clear, and it's not a super strong prescription.

Boring, Michelle.

So anyway....glasses. Weird.

It was quite chilly today, and it is most definately fall here in the mountains of North Carolina. Sweater weather. Socks and hat around the house.

I had a piece at Asheville Bookworks' "Bookopolis" last weekend, and my piece was also juried into the "Capital Works" show by Eileen Wallace. There is an online catalog of the work juried into the Capital Works exhibition here. My photos are pretty weak. As a partial excuse, it was before I got my glasses...

I really don't know how to take photos of books or objects. One night I experimented with a borrowed camera, borrowed tripod, in a pretty decent photo-taking room. Again, before I got the glasses. I don't love the dark background, but it is probably the best backdrop I have ever used...

Anyway. I have been drawing a lot. Simplifying. Trying to think. Or maybe not think; just work. I don't quite know what I want to do right now, art-wise.

And that's okay. 'Cause I'm working on it.
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