Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Art House Co-Op

Or "coop" as I like to read it....

I met Steven Peterman from Atlanta at the open portfolio event at SGC, and today I checked out their website. I'm very excited about the projects that this organization, um, organizes. See if you don't agree! I'm participating in their "collecting objects" project. They are sending out mini accordion file folders, which participants fill with objects... receipts, ticket stubs, lists, Polaroids, etc. Then they are having a show of all the collected bits and pieces of the universe. For someone like me, who is constantly picking things up off the ground, this is an ideal assignment!

There seems to be plenty of room for participants...check it out!

More good things in my etsy store. like this:

1 comment:

Michele Maule said...

Hey Michelle!
I checked out that site for the collecting project. I am going to do one too!
How cool :)
Love the new stuff in your Etsy too.

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