Saturday, February 4, 2012

Don't Let's Start.

Winter Colors.
They Might Be Giants sounds so good in the winter. I remembered this after a trivia question about them the other night at the Pizza Shop. When I lived in Morgantown, I would trudge to the studio in the snow, listening to them on CD. Remember CDs? Golly...

No snow here. February first it was warm enough to wear a tee shirt outside. What? 

I've spent a lot of time in the Print studio this past week...and I am having a great time. But what am I doing? Still not sure. I am trying to give myself the freedom to experiment and play, but I seem to not be very good at that anymore. I feel sort of shy around printmaking. I can spend hours mixing up some lovely ink, I am scraping the hell outta some plates, and it feels so very good to ink plates and crank them through the press, I guess we are getting to know each other again.


I have been decisively destructive. I have so many small, odd-size zinc plates. Many are little "demo" plates from teaching, and in grad school I was such a hoarder of old zinc. So I have been sawing some of them into shapes to be printed together, and in combination with larger plates.

I'm just sick of small rectangular things. It feels far too safe. Boring. I'm bored with my small safe-sized drawings and prints. So I've been thinking lots about format. 

Looking at big full sheets of blank paper.

How wonderful are anti-fatigue mats!?
I have a feeling this can has been around longer than Penland's print program.
So I'm thinking a lot, taking notes, listening to a lot of music, (mostly The Who) and looking forward to many more long studio days this month. 

Thank you for stopping in on the ol' blog.

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