Saturday, February 18, 2012

Impractical things are just more interesting.

Sad to say, I am almost out of time in the print studio. I'm going to miss going up to campus everyday... I think it's healthy to work away from your living space.  I am fortunate to have plenty of room to work at home, but I have struggled to really feel at home in my home-studio. What?

But try harder, Michelle.

Anyway, I have done a ton of printing, and the material I have accumulated will eventually take on other forms...books, certainly. And I have had so much fun revisiting my impractical tendency to pin little fragments to a big wall, and to each other. What will come of it? I don't know.

Check out my charming and talented studio mates for the past few weeks: Erica, Leslie, and Ele.

Rearrangement of bits.
Rearrangement and expansion. (The red bits have moved on.)

Pins! More Pins!
Something else, something scrappy.
Something else again, something.
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