Friday, February 24, 2012

Heads Up Seven Up.

Rainy day schedule here in Spruce Pine, meaning I'm not working outside as I have been the past four days. This is springy rain, mind you. I have been listening to records, the windows are open, and I plan on doing lots of internet business this afternoon.

In my last post I visually gushed about crocuses and spring flowers. Later that day I noticed that while I was busy being enchanted by Penland's well-kept grounds, my own crocuses were struggling against all the weeds and leaves that I never cleared out from the fall.

Try harder, Michelle.
So I spent an afternoon clearing out dead weeds, ivy, and leaves while tip-toeing amongst the crocuses and on-the-way tulips.
I found this little guy while clearing out weeds. 

I wandered lonely, as a cloud...
The well-established daffodils in my back yard are fully blooming, and the ones that I planted in the fall are on their way. But good gracious, what about all that jagged brown stuff?

Japanese Knotweed is ruining everything.
I have been clearing and cutting up tons of huge, dry sticks, the remainder of the wall of Japanese Knotweed that has overtaken two edges of my backyard. I have given up hopes of clearing it completely. I do plan on keeping it under control this year, particularly in the part of the yard I am planning for a veggie garden.

...I can see it out there now, being blown over in all directions by the wind. Mocking me.

Although it was starting to rain a bit...I planted seeds today! What!? In February? I talked myself out of it yesterday, but my friend Courtney Martin said she planted some, so...

kale, lettuces, spinach, arugula, radishes

Henry and Alfred aren't sure about my spending so much time outside...

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Courtney Martin said...

thanks for the mention! the cold weather things i planted, i planted in the ground- which probably weathers the bitter cold better then in pots. just something to consider! i would hate to steer you wrong!

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