Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let's talk about stuff.

I won't be leaving for my residency at Jentel 'til mid-January, but I already find myself making notes of what I'll need to take, what I'll be able to get there, and what I don't have that I'll need to purchase.

Since my travel expenses have been covered, (Hooray!) and since my Kickstarter Project is live for another 24 days, I thought I'd detail some of the things the extra funds will help with.

Many things I already have, and will either pack in my luggage or ship there: some ink, all sorts of drawing materials, PVA glue, wheat paste, thread, needles....

thread & moths & books

I have some miscellaneous paper, some book-board, and some book cloth, but I will be purchasing more of everything, particularly paper.

Some paper.
I will also be purchasing some lovely Cave Paper, which I use for the covers of my small soft-cover pocket-size journals. I love their paper, and the "internships" link on their website immediately caught my eye. (Side note: I love love love handmade paper....and yet I have ZERO experience making paper. What?! Shocking, I know.)

Cave paper w/ inclusions of snippets of text. Love it.

At Jentel I'll have access to a Litho press, but will not be doing any stone or plate lithography. I understand it is suitable for printing monotypes, xerox transfers, and polyester plates. I have some polyester "pronto" plates, but will probably buy some more.

I know in the course of a month of work I'll want my sewing machine. So I may ship my little singer, or maybe it will be my carry-on. I have not yet investigated what it would cost to ship her to Wyoming. Plan B is to hunt down a thrift store sewing machine when I get there, and just donate it back when I'm done with it.

I also think as a grown-up printmaker, making her way in the big beautiful world, it might be time to arm myself with one of these beauties from Takach:

A yummy grown-up investment.

So these are some of my practical calculations as well as dreamy daydreams. As always, thank you for reading, and if you haven't already, please take a peek at my kickstarter project, Books & Postcards from Wyoming. 

In other news, here are a few of my fall radishes:

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