Thursday, November 8, 2012

Always Arranging.

Okay, so I have been in the process of moving into a new house, just a couple of blocks away from the old one. With my funny, busy schedule, (I have Thursdays and Sundays off...) I thought it would work out well to do it slowly, a car-load at a time.

Here it is November and I'm still not done moving, so I may have been mistaken about this plan.

But I am almost done, and I have taken up residence at the new place, and so has Alfred.

Still have some things to dig up out of my yard, and some odds and ends to get out of my old house...but here are a few pictures of my stuff in the new place...

Very fine kitchen things, and room for everything!

I have been arranging many many books.

Orange things go here.
The corduroy pillow was a very good $2 thrift store find.

Wait, more orange?
 My favorite coat matches another good thrift find..

Alfred got a house-warming gift.

And so did I!

Look! Pink starburst countertops.

Alfred, checking it out...
In other news, I'm working on putting together a Kickstarter project to help with travel expenses of my winter residency at Jentel. I'm pretty excited about it!  Stay tuned!

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