Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No, really.

This is what "packing for Wyoming" looks like. Really, Michelle? How many shades of yellow thread does a girl need in a month?

Don't worry; I'm enjoying obsessively paring down from what is pictured. My way-bigger-than-lap-sized cat is doing his best to snooze on my lap.

In other news, today I ordered some leather and bookcloth. I am still taking inventory of what paper I have, and later this week I'm going to spend some time cutting bookboard at Penland.

Also laundry to do, warm clothes to pack, more dark chocolate truffles to make, and my new cuckoo clock to enjoy.

Oh, did I mention I got a cuckoo clock, like I have been planning for the past five years? I love it. How did I make it through the days before I got my sweet lil' cuckoo clock?

1 comment:

Jessica Wolf said...

We the people require photos of this cuckoo clock.

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