Thursday, January 17, 2013

Here I am!

Somewhere between Denver and Sheridan. Plane could seat 19.
 There were 8 of us on it. 4 of  us en route to Jentel.
A very quick HELLO!

I arrived on Tuesday evening, and have been settling in nicely with my fellow residents. There are six of us: four visual artists and two writers. 

The first evening here was overwhelming, and a lot to take in after a long day of travel. But I'm starting to feel at home. It's cold but not too cold, and pretty damn beautiful.

Out in the 1000 acres.

Still waiting on some paper and supplies, but itching to get going in the studio. 

Where will I ever find inspiration?

View of the Residence. 

View of the Studios.
Thanks for taking a peek! Stay tuned!

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