Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Tonight I'm staying in Charlotte at my friend Heather's house, and in the morning I head to Wyoming for my month-long residency at Jentel. I'm very excited to get there... but the prepping, packing, planning, and driving to Charlotte in heavy rain has been a bit stressful. 

I already miss Alfred. And my cuckoo clock.
I cut a ton of book-board this week at Penland.
Not all of it for the coming month.
Paper and book cloth I had stashed away, including 15 sheets
of nideggen paper that I had forgotten about. Score!
Inventive packing: clothes wrapped in paper, wrapped in clothes... 
More packing things inside other things... (and new boots!)
New red puffy down thing....and 50% off!
Sewing machine being snuggly packed amongst clothes...
fare-thee-well,  old friend!
 So excited to get started.

Let's go!

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A Beautiful Party said...

Yay, Michelle! I'm excited to see all the delicious things you make!

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