Sunday, April 19, 2009

next right now.

I put together another Etsy treasury this weekend. Check it out here before it goes away!

This has been a good weekend. I'm working on packing, and getting rid of a lot of stuff. I move in two weeks! So excited about my new place. I've needed this change.

I've finished a few little pieces this weekend, and if my scanner is cooperative, I may post some things tonight in my store.

Today was hot as blazes in LA. My solution is frozen grapes. And a lot of sparkling water.


A Beautiful Party said...

you have treasured away! and it's beautiful.
and now i want frozen grapes.
isn't it awful not having a camera? what's a girl with a blog to do??

Jenni Todd said...

i love the treasury.
how is YOUR terrarium?

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