Saturday, April 4, 2009

circular fragments, calculations, waiting.

After a brief hiatus, I am back in business in my shop, and will continue posting new work this week. I made two sales last night, so I'm feeling good already.

Also feeling good about being on spring break from CSUN. Not that this week will be all crazy-fun-time, (or any) because I have lots of work to do.

School work, art work, house work, work-work.

The Southern Graphics Council was a splendid time. I am currently cameraless, (or rather, my digital camera has ceased to function) so I am unable to share any of my adventures from Chicago. My pal Maranda was a sport, as we explored the city...I'd tell her, "ooh, take a picture of that!" So when I get her pictures, I'll have more to say.

I'm going to Penland this summer: it's official, and I'm excited. 5th session, Arthur Hash's Metal's class. And after that I'll be doing my thing again at the annual benefit auction.

Hurts so good!


Patrice said...

I so envy you your trip to Penland. If I could, I'd go every year. What a magical place.

Jenni Todd said...

I like the new art! I like your cool stuff.

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