Wednesday, April 29, 2009

acacia trees, books, and boxes.

This photo is years old. I am still without a digital camera, which is a bummer. The other day I bought disposable cameras for the first time in years.

I'm packing for my move, which has snuck up on me.

of course.

Also sneaking up is the end of the semester at CSUN, so I've got lots of grading to do. I am really bad about letting it pile up. Literally.

This week we're binding books in my printmaking class. It has been super fun. Well, I'm having fun, anyway. And I get the feeling that my students think I'm funny, which I find to be one of the most encouraging things possible as a professor.

Or as a friend, or whatever. I really like it when people think I'm funny.

So anyway, about the trees:

There are these scruffy yellow trees in bloom this time of year in southern california. About a year ago a good friend hypothesised (rather dismally) that the yellow trees we kept seeing all had some fungus and were dying. I am so pleased to have identified these as Acacia trees; I've been counting them on my drive to work the past week or so.

And on a sort-of related note, gum arabic, (which we printmakers use in lithography) is a secretion of the acacia tree.

So you see? Everything works out.

Wikipedia knows all about Acacia trees.

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