Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just more everything.

Have I mentioned my deep affection for this rug?
Argh...time is running out! I'll be heading home to North Carolina a week from Wednesday, and days seem to be going faster and faster. We are passed the blissfully timeless days, and now I have this itching dread of packing everything up. I have even caught myself thinking along the lines of.."If I use up the rest of this can of ink, then I won't have to bring it home!" Maybe not the best way of making decisions in the studio. 

While I've been here I have been writing a lot in my journal, but have not posted on my blog nearly as much as I had hoped. I'm learning a lot about my many expectations of myself. Many.

This is terrible grammar. 

Anyway, I can tell you all about what I've learned after I go home, after it all really sinks in on my flights. I do some of my best thinking in airports and planes. Don't you?

 Tonight, a few pictures in the house. 

Jentel memory books.
Our horse and cookies. We've eaten a lot of sugar.
Residents residing. 
Puffy jacket rainbow, and flame orange accessories. 
And then this happened. Fluffy new snow with maple syrup
It was my best idea ever. 

Then we put fresh oj on fresh snow, and that wasn't bad either.
Lastly, here are a couple of group photos. One week left, and we all still get along: eating snow, looking for pheasants, watching Downton Abbey, making a spectacular lot of food for Sunday Brunches... I really think we lucked out.

Squinting in the Wyoming sun, our first morning here. 
In the Suburban on one of our weekly outings to Sheridan.
Grocery shopping has never been so exciting or exhausting.
Next: more studio happenings, more snow, more pictures of food, more everything.

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Amanda Lee said...

More, more dear friend. I'm so glad that you're too busy to post. Can't wait to see the results, inner or exterior.

xoxo Amanda

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