Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big Horn Mountains at Sunset.

I'm rubbing it in, aren't I?
It's eleven pm, and I am settling down for the evening after a pretty good, pretty long day in the studio. There is tiny, swirling snow outside, and I think it's safe to say that we're all hoping for a heap of snow to greet us in the morning. The forecast doesn't say "heaps," but a girl can hope, right?

I feel like tomorrow is my last real work day. I have a teeny bit more printing to do, (a secret project) and I am going to try to at least glue some more covers on boards tomorrow. I have a list of things I might get to, but I'm slowing down a bit. Because it's time, and because my elbow has been hurting from all this binding, printing, and writing.

So tomorrow in the evening my fellow residents and I will sort of have a studio "tour," or show-and-tell, before we all pack up. Monday we are having our Sunday Brunch, (Because we all decided we wanted tomorrow to work...) and then we're going to work on our contributions to the "memory book" ...although those plans are already in the works. Monday afternoon I hope to do some serious walking, and lots more picture-taking. I may do a little bit of studio work, but mostly packing.

Oh, the packing. I can't think about that just yet.

Tuesday there will be more packing, walking, picture-taking, and library book enjoyment. Have I mentioned the library here at Jentel? No? Well, another post, perhaps....

Tuesday evening we are treated to a dinner, and then we all leave on Wednesday. I think four or five of us are on the same flight to Denver, and that's a comfort. Then we will scatter again from coast to coast.

But in our hearts we shall remain like the women in the below image, courtesy Mollye Miller, (I don't know where she found it.) If you look carefully, there is a sixth person up on the hill with the cows. We think she's trying to use her cell phone.

An evening at the hut of the cow-herdesses. Jentel, February 2013.

Okay, wish me luck!

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Paul said...

Hi there Michelle, how's it going? I like your blog and am happy I learned the word for springtimesleepiness:)

In my rampant internet stalking I note that a certain Mollye Miller is close to your heart, as she was to mine. We were friends in Prague and I've lost touch with her. I was hoping you could pass on my email address to her so we could get in touch.

and sorry for hijacking your blog!


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