Monday, December 10, 2012


Today I'm trying to work on grading. Obviously I'm on a break at the moment...

We've closed down the Penland Gallery for the winter season, and I got to experience a "week-end" of those things where you have two days off in a row! Wow! I did so much. Laundry, gardening, (it's in the 60s here...crazy!) organizing, cleaning, art-making, bill-paying,!

Of course, shortly after the thrill of a "week-end" comes the shock of temporary-seasonal-unemployment.....but hey, I'm not done at App State yet, so we'll think about that next week!

Less than 10 days left of my Kickstarter Project, Books & Postcards from Wyoming!  Check it out if you have not already, and maybe pass it on if you think it's pretty good. The funds raised thus far have exceeded my expectations. Any further funds raised, and I'll be able to buy some leather! I haven't worked with leather since I assisted Bonnie Stahlecker at Haystack all those years ago.

Also, have I mentioned I'm making my own walnut ink? With black walnuts from my back yard? Yeah! How cool is that!?  Photos of the brown messiness next time!

Okay, back to work, Michelle.

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