Saturday, October 27, 2012

Déjà vu.

Because again I can say to myself and to the whole world, "I wish I was writing more these days." I also wish I had more time at the moment to draw and print and make some books....but not just yet.

Because yet another season is winding down here in the mountains. Fall has been splendid and busy. It smells delicious outside; something like cinnamon, books, and dry leaves. I love when the leaves fall because you can see far, far away. It is quieter, so some sounds are more noticeable...particularly the beautiful spooky sounds of the train.

Because I am moving again. Only a couple of blocks from where I have been living, and I'm doing it slowly, a car load at a time. Even so, I'm finding it isn't much less difficult, tiring, stressful or emotional than moving cross country. Much cheaper, though.

Because I am driving a lot and teaching my little heart out. This semester I am teaching Foundations Drawing and Lithography at Appalachian State. After a year-long break from teaching, I am looking at a lot of things differently, drinking a lot less coffee, but still eating poorly on days I teach. In this post I can't get into how much I've learned, and have yet to learn about Lithography. I have so much renewed admiration for my former professors and litho friends.

Because I took a too-short trip out to California in October. That was brilliant.

Because I am looking ahead to winter travels to visit family. (Texas for sure, and hopefully California again too.) The Gallery is closed from mid-December to March, which allows for travel, which is good.

Because I am again pleased to report that I will be doing a month-long residency at Jentel this winter. I was awarded a residency in 2011, but unfortunately at that time I was unable to go. (It would have been right after I started working at the Penland Gallery.) Very pleased to have the opportunity again. Part of my plan for my month there includes frequent blogging, so stay tuned.

So there it is! Enjoy the remainder of autumn!

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