Monday, February 14, 2011


A while back I found this vintage Valentine via RomanceWriter on Etsy. (I was searching for globes.) I like how sweet and slightly aggressive it is.

I haven't had a proper Valentine for some time, but all you really need in mid-february is grocery-store tulips, a nasty sinusy headcold, a humidifier, aerosmith videos on youtube, "third rock from the sun" on netflix, and a few days of aggressive bookbinding.

The little orangey/red book is a prototype of my new favorite binding (well, not totally new to me, but new favorite. what?) Single-needle-link-stitch with a concertina and hard covers. Sewn with a curved needle. Mmm.

Proper mail is essential for a good mid-February too.

Handmade Valentine from dear Vikki Cruz, and bits and pieces and veryfine penmanship from Beth Schaible.

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Mary Bailey said...

Feel better soon Miss Michelle. Happy Valentine's Day to my Penland buddy.

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