Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To the end.

This is one of those "where has Michelle been?" posts.

I've mostly been in my office at CSUN, grading and photographing work. I can't think of any artist-teachers I know who love grading. I think we all reward ourselves with treats or breaks after going through a few pieces (papers, portfolios, whatever.) It's been particularly unfun this time, because I had an astoundingly large intro. to printmaking class. Thirty people. We don't have thirty of anything in the shop, (including chairs) so I've had a very tense few months. In addition to the giganto class, I had seven intermediate students, who bravely navigated the studio and made the most out of the tough situation. Thanks again to Michael, Jenny, Jeni, Shihori, Carlos, Gina, and Wai. Mostly for your patience.

I had a great advanced/grad group as well, and there was a lot of laughter and printing, and drawing-til-it-hurt, and coffee, and the best ever strange and wonderful tangents instigated by Daniel George.

smile. win it. find big.

I hope I can muster the energy to go out into the world tonight and do a little Christmas shopping. Also hope I can make it to Hiromi Paper tonight, to get some supplies. I have big plans to make many little books while traveling.

A student just told me, "you look exhausted!"

That's that.

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