Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Great moments with Mr. Stitt.

My pal Wes Stitt has moved back to that mountain, to a good job with a good man, and to adopt a black cat. I am envious and mopey, and could run away to North Carolina any minute. Okay...probably not, but I am planning a visit in the spring, and daydreams about moving to North Carolina persist.

Before he left, and before I helped him pack up his library, we went to Disneyland...

...for any number of reasons.

It was so fun. so ridiculous. so exhausting. so expensive.


Not that we spent any part of the day waiting in lines...but I found plenty of time to take pictures for my own amusement. The tip-tops of things, disney railings and fixtures and details, and our tired feet standing in line.

We had silly-tired conversations. I think that may be my favorite part of a day at Disneyland: the unlikely, imaginative conversations it facilitates. I knew Wes would totally be into that.

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