Saturday, December 8, 2007


I never thought I would start a blog.

Here's what happened today: I went to the post office, grabbed some coffee and a donut, and then impulsively drove up to the Griffith Observatory. The last time I visited was about a year ago, when I was out west at Christmastime. That was just after the reopening of the Observatory, and it was packed. Today it was delightfully empty, and I spent several hours appreciating the views and the quiet.

I enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey from "The Café at the End of the Universe", while watching crows perch on treetops as the sun went down, and the traffic helicopters came up. It was truly enchanting.

So why am I starting this blog? A number of reasons, but the reason I have started it now is this: normally when I have particularly significant encounters with birds or sky, I share the news of such adventures with my best friend/special fellow, Sam.

But he's in Morocco.

Mostly this blog will address my creative pursuits and interesting finds, with the occasional random show-and-tell.

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