Saturday, December 8, 2007

Affectionate Poking

I've been needle-felting. Last night and today has been all about poking obsessively at colorful little bits of wool. It's like creating muppets.

I make a lot of things that have yet to appear on my Etsy store. This includes felted things, shrinky-dinks, books, and other things that don't fit conveniently on my scanner. This month I intend on taking the time and mustering the enthusiasm to photograph some of these "non-scanner-friendly" pieces.


saffron said...

Great start on your blog! Your needle felted creations are wonderful and look so colorful and fun on your blog!

Your brother said...

Colorful and fuzzy--I'd like to see a fullblown instalation of your felt pieces in a large space.

Have you seen this month's Maker Magazine? There are projects incorporating felt with sensors and blinking lights...might be a cool project for us to try over Christmas. You play with electricity while I play the banjo.

Dianne said...

Hey Welcome to the blog world.
You came in my google blog Alerts.
I'll be looking forward to you upcoming creations..
I really like how original your work is love that..
keep creating..

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