Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I walked down the sidewalk today kicking a pine-cone, arguably one of life's most satisfying pursuits. I believe it was fun for the pine-cone as well.

I've been busy and productive since returning to Los Angeles: visiting with family and a few friends, continuing organizing the universe, letting things go, watching Doctor Who while making books, (or making books while watching Doctor Who...) drawing pictures, taking note of deadlines, then forgetting about deadlines, enjoying consciously as well as sleeping soundly thorough 1960s Disney science shows like this, writing many letters (on the computer and in my head), working on a website, and planning plans.

Or at least daydreaming daydreams.

I suppose things are good in Los Angeles. I start teaching again at CSUN very soon.

I have been posting some things in my Etsy shop this evening, including some more little books. Please take a look!

Thank you for reading!

1 comment:

AmyeToTheRescue said...

I love your site and your work. Beautiful!

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