Wednesday, October 27, 2010

three-legged screaming thing, part two.

Long morning and afternoon printing. Good. Tired now. Covered in ink. Intaglio muscles sore. More printing (and teaching) tomorrow. I'll take some pictures of the actual prints too. (I can't help myself...I am more interested in documenting my tarletons and piles of ink.)

Unintentional muppet-y colors. Well, maybe a little intentional. And picture me in pink gloves and pink corduroy pants.


What am I printing? I'm down to the wire working on my edition for the Varied Edition Portfolio for the Dirty Printmakers of America's "States of the State" project. (Whew, I'm not even sure I followed that....) I'm very excited about my prints, and even more excited to be in a VARIED edition portfolio.


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