Saturday, May 22, 2010

Years ago...

I was living in Morgantown, West Virgina and thinking grad-school thoughts. It all seemed very big and important at the time, and I was pretty selfish, in a grad-schooly kind of way.

And I had a pretty bad, likely self-inflicted haircut.

And a lotta space to make art. And a lotta stuff.

My God, I had a lot of stuff.

This was Fall friend Jenni had come to visit. I remember she teared up when she saw what kind of work I was working on, which still makes me glad.

like Pollyanna.

I have a better haircut now, less room to make art, but also, (gladly) less "stuff."

And I am a lot less selfish. At least I hope I am.

I have no point to make. Just found these photos, and started thinking about the Mo'town days. Thinking about the past.


schaible said...

i love pollyanna, and i love west virginia. and i love this post. thanks michelle!

Tracy said...

Just found your site, love your journals and LOVE WVU!!!!! I'm thnking I might have to buy a journal sooner than later. Beautiful.

.Ashley.Lyn. said...

.i like you.i like your were a wonderful teacher. you're a me.

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