Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snailoftheday, Papernstitch, toomanykittens.

Say, I was feathered, (wait, I mean featured) as the Papernstitch shop-of-the-day today. Nice! I am an "Artist to Watch," seemingly.

Watch me.

Next on the agenda is a trek across town to Hiromi Paper in Santa Monica, to get some supplies for the killer-diller bookbinding workshop I'm teaching Saturday in Bakersfield. Odds are I'll indulge in fancy paper for myself too!

I worked at Sante D'Or this morning, and there are now 12 kittens hanging around in the back room there. And of course they're cute, and funny...but they also sort of weird me out. I am more comfortable with the grown cats. There are also two little dogs and a remarkable lot of bunnies. Come adopt someone. Or at least come give 'em some love.

Last week a nice couple came in with a hat full of newborn barely-open-eyed kittens they had found abandoned in Griffith Park. Fortunately they were able to take them home and foster them. Makes your heart hurt, right?

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Deb's Artful Journey said...


Saw a comment about your interview on Kelly Kilmer's blog and went to your etsy shop. I love your drawings. I have been trying to draw more and thought your 100 drawings in 100 days exercise would be a fun challenge. I am wondering if you gave your students more more info/ideas than that?

BTW, I love bookbinding too! Hope your class today is fun!

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