Monday, March 1, 2010

March First.

There's been a flurry of activity in my Etsy shop, as I had a piece featured in an article in the Storque the other day. Hooray! I've been too occupied with teaching (and driving) to post new work in my shop lately, so unfortunately a whole lot of people have been looking at my almost-empty shop...ah, well.

Thank you all for checking me out, and for the encouraging words.

Today is one of my furlough days, so I'm catching up on life stuff like laundry, dish-washing, mail, and rest. This was quite a busy weekend, so I timed my furlough day right.

I am happy it is March First. Its one of my favorite days in the whole year.



brian faini said...

im glad things are good for you.

Lauren Simone said...

your work gets lovlier. thank you for sharing it with us!

enomooshiki said...

woah! you selling everything!! haha Michelle, now that you are rich, will you buy me a new lens for my camera? :)

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