Friday, December 18, 2009

Gold Star Intro Class 09.

I have already alluded to the fact that this semester at CSUN I had the best class I have ever had. (yes, I have only been teaching for about four years, and only two-and-a-half post grad school, but they were still the best.)

On the morning of our final meeting/clean up, I was so delighted by the work I found on the drying rack that I had a fit of generosity. I brought in treats and bought everyone gold stars before our meeting.

Before the cleanup we took care of some shop reorganization I had been thinking about doing for a year, (it included moving cabinets, litho stones and tables!) and it worked out that the space we cleared was the exact size of a couch that needed a home.

Everybody wins!

They even humored me by posing for a group picture around the new couch.

Earlier this semester my students helped me install a show of prints made in the past three semesters. They also helped me print flyers, which coincided nicely with their silkscreen demos.

Erynn is graduating! I have worked with Erynn for three semesters, and this semester she was one of my awesome TAs. Now she is applying to MFA programs, and she packed up her plates, left her apron for future printmakers, and wandered off. (I'll see Erynn again, at Doily-fest '09, when I'm going to teach her how to crochet in a circle...)

The best day of the semester was when I arrived at work to find these notes "from" the inks, (which were donated to the shop, and needed some attention...)

Another MA candidate spearheaded the start of the CSUN Printmaking Society this semester. Robert jumped through many, many hoops to get this officially sanctioned by the University. Our first "function" as an officially-sanctioned-organization was our participation in the Art Department Holiday Sale, which of course came when I was at my absolute sickest. But while I was at home with my humidifier and chicken noodle soup, a couple of my intro students were not only selling their prints, but also making, um, signs to advertise the sale. When I got back the following Monday, I was delighted and amused by their signs...(as both my former print professors may attest, I LOVE big home-made signs. I was particularly fond of making WVU Printmaking Bowling Tournament signs...) Oh, they also put the "AWESOME STUFF" sign over my office door.

Awesome Stuff.

But even better than the handmade signs was the day that I noticed that these guys were all wearing matching shirts. It's a good sign when people sharing workspace start to think alike...

But seriously, I had the good fortune of witnessing some great teamwork this semester, and my spring 2010 intro class has a lot to live up to.



A Beautiful Party said...

sounds so awesome, michelle! i'm glad you're having such a good time teaching. and i hate that the peacock blue was so stubborn.
good luck next semester. i should pick your brain sometime about teaching.

mabaczew said...

oh wow I left you a comment a looong time ago and I just noticed you responded (via Googling myself out of boredom) The dental museum is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It's located in the University of Michigan's School of Dentistry. I was telling one of my friends, Erin Murray, at school about your work because I thought she would really like it and apparently she already knows you! Small world. The Mutter Museum and the Internation Museum of Surgical Science are pretty cool too.

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