Monday, December 14, 2009

Awesome Stuff.

A few weeks back a couple of my intro students put this sign above my "office" when I was out sick. My head was pretty fuzzy when I first found it, but now with a clear head I have decided it is delightful, and I choose to believe it is evidence that some of my students like me. Or like printmaking. Or hopefully maybe both.

The awesome paper towels were spotted at the market when my brother was visiting. I really doubt they are as awesome as they proclaim, which makes me wonder if I'm as awesome as my students proclaim in cardboard and spray paint.

The AWESOME welcome-rug was spotted in Bakersfield on my last book-binding adventure up there.

Today I am eating tangerines in my chemical-closet/supply-room/office, and tying up end-of-the-semester loose ends. Almost all my grades are entered, everything is almost perfectly clean, and things are quieting down at CSUN. I am looking forward to the coming month. Looking forward to looking ahead (that makes sense) and resting, and making stuff, and not thinking too much, and having quiet michelle-time, and seeing family, and and and.

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Hashi said...

Yay for awesomeness, and people calling it as they see it!

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