Monday, December 8, 2008

Eagle Rock Holiday Sale

On November 30 I participated in the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts annual holiday sale. This was the second year I participated in the sale, and it was a great day for everyone.

I bought some letterpress cards from Madeleine of Panarama Press, who I just discovered has an Etsy shop. Take a look.

I also bought myself an early Christmas present: a Random Nicole skirt. Nicole Stevenson makes some great things, and I want more of 'em in my closet. Nicole's recent endevour is the Craft Kitchen in Orange county. I haven't been down south for some time, but next time I do, I'll be paying a visit.

Its also been too too long since I've been to the Crab Cooker.....

Hmm. I'm hungry.

I've been very busy with end-of-the-semester to-do lists, and big piles of art projects to grade. The end is in sight, however. In the next few weeks I may even find some time to make some new work.

My strategy for end-of-the-semester stress? I bought a thousand-piece puzzle for the printshop at CSUN. I grade a few things, then work on the puzzle for a few minutes. Its a good way of keeping calm.

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A Beautiful Party said...

smart idea you puzzler, you.

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