Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The Patchwork Show went well, but what a long long day. I talked to a lot of good people, met some Etsy folks, and made some sales. Lots of people came, and the vendors' work was consistently strong. Lots of clothes and bags and baby things. There were so many well-dressed babies at this event! Seriously, these kids had more style than I do!

Here's some recent work that didn't sell. I'm probably not going to post these for sale on Etsy, since I have some real-world shows coming up...

Speaking of Etsy, I made 8 sales in 2 days in my shop! Egads! I put some pieces on 'sale,' and they went flying off the shelves...which was exactly my plan. Thanks everyone who purchased work...I'm at a lovely 85 sales!

So someone tell me why I can't sell this? It's been viewed 1254 times, and has been "hearted" by 70 people. Come on, folks. I'm getting a little sick of looking at it! $40.00 takes it away. Put it in a frame; hang it on yer wall.


Jess and Adam said...


Hi. It's Jess Adkins-soon-to-be-Wolf.

Sooo.... looks like you're busy as ever with the art'a'makin. It's awesome.

How would you like to toss a few little ones our way for the upcoming show at Red Tree Gallery? We're doing a whole 5x5" show and we're trying to make this one more international. I'd love to see some of your stuff here.

Lookit www.redtreegallery.net for the entry and details.

Hope you are well!!!


sMacThoughts said...

I'm sure I would be one of those hearts! It is really truly beautiful, but I am putting a hold on buying on Etsy until I sell a bit more...would you consider a trade? :) Just let me know if so.

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