Friday, February 29, 2008

Ferriswheel Friday.

Happy leap-day, everybody!

Last night I thought to myself, "you know what your blog needs, Michelle? More ferriswheels."


So I'm going to try to post a ferriswheel picture every friday. Some will be photos I've taken, some others have taken, some of my art, some from other artists. My ferriswheel research is pretty extensive.

I love ferriswheels. I've often been asked what that's all about. The attraction is not all that profound. I have always drawn pointy little wheel-like things, and over the years I have been attentive to objects that resemble the things I draw.

Today's ferriswheel picture was taken long ago, but the date on the image doesn't seem right. It was in the spring of 2000, I think. My best friend took this in Chicago, on Navy Pier. That's me, all blurry in a red hat.

Appropriately enough, I posted three ferriswheel pieces today in my Etsy store. Also a strange and wonderful ol' piece with doorknobs. Check it out!


Adrienne said...

Jerry Phillips gave me your blog. I went to Murray, but didn't know you until you came back with the grad students.

Have you seen this?

Ahipara Girl said...

I am a textiles student and stumbled in here after visiting your etsy. All I can say is that I LOVE YOUR WORK. Divine. I love it so much. I love stitch, paper and cloth. I love text and I love photography. I get it, I really do. So thanks for the beautiful images. You must feel so proud. I would love to make work that makes someone react the way I did when I saw yours. One day for sure ... Have you checked out Danny Mansmith, American artist and cool guy.

dailydesignspot said...

wonderful inspiration.. really see it followed through in your explorations! jumpjump

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