Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mary Tyler Moore.

Oh what a good day for Etsy-ing. I created a treasury today, which was somewhat difficult due to an unpredictable internet connection. The title of the treasury alludes to the fabulous Mary Tyler Moore show, an old favorite of mine. The pieces are some favorites, some new finds, some vintage, some birds and tea and oranges. You love it!
You can see it here while its around.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on ETSY, one of my recently listed drawings made an appearance on the front page. Hooray! A lovely treasury curated by annejulie. Always a great feeling to know lots and lots of folks are looking at your work. "Millions of people happy", you know?

Thanks annejulie and thanks Etsy!


sweetcheese said...

Beautiful work! I just discovered your shop and blog (thanks to the Etsy front page treasury) and am feeling inspired, warm, and excitable. Then I quickly perused your thesis and had to drop a note when I noticed you had Lee Bontecou work in there! Now I am off to get going on my own art--or possibly to delve into Muppet Wiki. Love Jim Henson.

Michelle C. Moode said...

Thanks so much, Tanya! Lee Bontecou, Jim Henson, Etsy.....Life is good!

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