Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The best reasons to go shoe shopping.

This is where I work now: the Gallery at the Penland School of Crafts. (fyi, this photo was taken from a helicopter. The mountains here aren't that steep!)

I just started last week, and I like my job so far: I'm in a beautiful historic building full of handmade objects all day, I like the people I work with, and it is just a little isolated from the main campus of the school. I'm learning new things and using some of my non-teaching skills, which is great.

Three days a week, which still allows plenty of time for studio-set-up-ing, which is still barely happening.

Try harder, Michelle.

I bought boots in Asheville the other a pre-birthday present to myself. They were not the comfy/stylish gallery-working shoes that I set out to buy, but several people in the store told me they were cute......I just didn't want to disappoint them....

But look!
See? It is almost sort of starting to think about being fall.

1 comment:

A Beautiful Party said...

you always find the most magical places to live. you are charmed, m.c. moode.

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