Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let me tell you about September in Los Angeles.

After being back in LA as a grown-up for 3 years, I think I finally get it.

For a few days I ask myself, "did it cool off dramatically, or am I catching a cold?"

Then it warms up, and I ask myself, "did it warm up again, or do I have a fever?"

This repeats several times, and wears me down until I DO catch a cold.

It has been very cool and pretty the past few days, but I have not totally enjoyed it, (see above) add to this general fatigue of start-of-the-semester, and working hard to finish piles of books.

Speaking of bookbinding, I have discovered, (and I think I discovered this last year too, but have learned my lesson. again.) that 29/30 seems to be the age when sitting on the floor for hours, tearing/folding paper does not work so well. Don't get me wrong: I am damn flexible for any age, and won't stop working on the floor sometimes....but my GOD! has my back been killing me this week! This morning I got up at about 5am, just thinking, "I will be so much more comfortable standing." After work I was flat on my back on my yoga matt for a good long while, in my skinny hallway.......cause, you know, there's paper all over the floor in the living room.

But you know, rather than making it all about age, (Michelle,) I can also say that 29/30 is a perfect age to consider needing a BIG good-working-height table...right? I mean, I own my own tear-bar now. I'm moving up in the world.

Here are a couple of things to look at: no more complaints, I swear!

One of my students brought me (and the class) early-birthday-cupcakes today.
She works in a cupcake store.
(Yes, you read that right.)
More exciting than the cupcakes? The arrival of some new metal RULERS and yardsticks for CSUN Printmaking! And they are flush-to-edge, which is my favorite kind.

I love rulers.

So, speaking of new and birthdays and stuff, um, I bought a new computer! Long overdue, AND Apple had a back-to-school free ipod w/ a new laptop promotion. For students. AND educators.

Everybody wins.

Here, enjoy this obligatory narcissistic "I-have-a-new-laptop-with-a-camera" picture. As those of you who know me really well can attest, (Jenni, Maranda, you with me?) Few things in life delight me more than making faces at myself.

So this new toy is trouble.


(and I moved them there for the photo...I don't actually store finished things so haphazardly. And anyway, they're not all finished.)

I promise I'll tell you about my summer. I promise.

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